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Delta OHM Humidity

Compressed air is used for several purposes, many of which require compressed air with a low humidity level, and so comes the need to know the dew point (DP)

of water vapour in the compressed air that circulates in the system.

The HP480 and HP481 probes are designed specifically for this purpose.

The use of dew point measurement in order to limit moisture in compressed air distribution systems has many advantages:

    prevents corrosion of metal pipes;
    in cold areas, prevents the formation of ice inside the pipes leading to obstruction of the pipes themselves;
    prevents bacterial growth in plants for medical use
    reduces maintenance costs of pneumatic drives, maintaining the proper lubrication of moving parts;
    improves the quality of products coming into contact with air, for example in the drying process of granulates.

HP480: interchangeable temperature and relative humidity probe, complete with SICRAM module. Connection cable 2m. Equipped with 15µ sintered AISI 316 stainless steel filter, measuring chamber, air flow regulation valve, and three 1/4” quick couplings (standard Italian, German, and American).

HP481: Interchangeable temperature and relative humidity combined probe, complete with SICRAM module. Connection cable 2 m. Equipped with 15μ sintered AISI 316 stainless steel filter, G ½” threading.

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