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Alat Pengukur Kualitas Air

AT4108 is the latest economical multi-channel temperature measuring instrument developed by Anbai Instruments. It adopts ARM microprocessor control, multi-channel scanning test, and collects, alarms and communicates with 8 channels of temperature at the same time. Compatible with a variety of temperature sensors, fast response, stable data, and break detection.

Using the most advanced test principle, the temperature test resolution is 0.1 degree.

Similarly, the AT4108 has a wide range of adaptability and supports K/J/T type thermocouples. The test range is from -200 ° C to 1300 ° C.

The AT4108 adopts the proprietary Anbai instrument operating system ATOSTMv4, which makes the test instrument operation simpler and more convenient. At the same time, it relies on ATOSTMv4, and the instrument can be well compatible. Capacity storage and powerful PC communication capabilities.

The instrument comes standard with RS-232 interface and USB interface, and provides free communication software, which can easily collect, analyze and print data through PC software.

The AT4108 features a rugged, vibration-resistant housing for operation in demanding environments. Fully isolated digital and analog signals are safe and reliable.

The AT4108 comes standard with a USB flash drive and supports real-time data storage.