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Alat Pengukur Kualitas Air

AT2511 is an economical typeDC low resistance tester, which is an upgraded version of AT511A.

Compared with AT511A, AT2511 has a wider test range: 0.01mΩ~200.0kΩ, and the maximum display 5000数. At the same time, the test speed is improved: the fastest can reach 10 times per second and the reading is stable. The improved automatic range test circuit and the fully electronic switch design can instantly switch from the highest range to the lowest range.

AT2511 uses 0.8-inch high-brightness digital tube display, all Chinese keys and indicators, so that the instrument display is clearer, and the fool-like operation interface is also easy to use.

AT2511 uses superior low-current test characteristics, and is especially suitable for resistances that are sensitive to test current, such as platinum thermal resistance, copper thermal resistance, PTC ceramic thermal resistance, alloy wire DC resistance, DC resistance of current protection devices, etc.

AT2511 is also suitable for measuring various contact resistances; winding resistance of transformers, inductors, motors, deflection coils; wire resistance; metal riveting resistance of vehicles, ships, and airplanes; printed plate lines and hole resistance, etc.