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Alat Pengukur Kualitas Udara

The EC moisture temperature three-in-one sensor is suitable for the measurement of soil temperature

and moisture as well as the total soil salt content (conductivity). Soil three-in-one sensors creatively measure salinity, moisture and temperature together, greatly facilitating the assessment of soil conditions by the customer system.

By comparing with the original high precision sensor in Germany and the actual drying and weighing method of soil, the precision is high, the response is fast and the output is stable. is less affected by the salt content of the soil and is
suitable for all kinds of soil quality. Can be long-term buried in the soil, long-term electrolysis resistance, corrosion resistance, vacuum filling, completely waterproof.

Widely used in scientific experiments, water-saving irrigation, greenhouse shed, flowers and vegetables, grassland pasture, soil rapid measurement, plant culture, sewage treatment, grain storage and various particulate matter water content and temperature measurement.

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